How to effectively introduce EGC into your workplace to boost employee engagement

by | Oct 26, 2023

The technology is already at your fingertips. Simply owning a smartphone grants any willing communications professional the opportunity to make that movie magic happen.

Here at Feedback Films, we have developed a straightforward approach to teaching EGC production, and have converted many clients into implementing it for their communication purposes.

Anyone can learn to create high quality content. Giving individuals the opportunity to simply try, to go off on their own and familiarise themselves with the filming process, successfully increases excitement around what it actually means to film your own footage. After getting acquainted with and comfortable in front of and behind a camera, people quickly realise the world of possibilities that lies within EGC. Adding the help of a simple tripod and external microphone, any smartphone can be transformed into high-tech videography equipment.

If you see EGC in your company’s future but don’t know where to start, our team is committed to providing guidance to all those looking to learn! We offer user-friendly training sessions and provide post-production services to assure a final product to be proud of.

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Written By Johnathan Tetsill

Managing Director of Feedback Films and communication expert with over 15 years experience helping businesses communicate better.
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