Bringing your brand to life with engaging animations.

Animation made simple

Branded animated environments are effective and timeless tools that you can use to convey complex messages in a short space of time

Writing a script for your own buildable environment is sometimes the only way to immerse your audience into your message. Our highly skilled animators have been creating animations for a variety of topics: from innovative tech and new tools, to drug development and environmental awareness.

From Concept to Completion, We’re Here to Help

Core advantages of animations

  • Creative way to share complex ideas, news, or stories
  • A different way to introduce new tools, ways of working…
  • Stands the test of time, can be used for years
  • No animation is the same, individual style adapted to each brand

our work

Take a look at some of our animations

Purpose-led animations
Change comms

eyeWitness to Atrocities



Murphy logo

Health & Safety Induction


cognita logo

Our Be Well Charter


bbc logo



Murphy logo

Data Academy


GSK logo



gsk logo

Our New Clinical Sciences


Don’t want to go full animation, why not try

Live action with motion graphics

There is nothing more engaging than when you see your people interact with custom-built graphics such as data, stats, or key information. This format can be used for a multitude of areas from training videos, to company updates or change comms… the possibilities are endless.

Need something different for your project?

Check out the other video solutions we offer:

Remote filming
Full Production
Graphic-led videos

Footage filmed by the client, with Feedback Films’ guidance, and edited by our post-production team. We also provide UGC training sessions upon request.

Comms area where EGC is best used:

  • Training 
  • Employer branding 
  • Change comms 
  • Transformation programmes
  • Business updates

The footage is filmed by the employee, while on a call with a Feedback producer who is interviewing them to get the best content as per the brief.

Comms area where virtual filming is best used:

  • Global internal video
  • Change comms
  • Transformation programmes
Videos produced by Feedback Films from start to finish. Our team (director, producer, sound technician…) comes in to capture your content, which is then edited by our post-production team.

Comms area where it is best used:

  • Global internal video
  • Change comms
  • Transformation programmes
Prominently consisting of business assets and/or stock footage with graphic overlays, sometimes including voiceover and UGC footage.

Comms area where graphic-led videos are best used:

  • Perfect to share data, milestones, events, goals…
  • Creative ways of combining different types of media
  • Individual style adapted to each brief
  • Great when you have information to share but no time to film