Remote Filming

Our producers interview your contributors remotely using Feedback’s unique system that makes sure you get the best content, in a great video quality!

Core advantages of remote filming

  • Great when you have a limited budget but still want producer expertise to make sure the content meets the brief
  • Allows the employees to open up
  • Ideal for content about more complex topics
  • Perfect to feature people who work remotely

our work

Take a look at some of the videos we filmed remotely.

Sepsis Awareness


Meet our DNA strands


Welcome to DLG



Getting started with remote filming couldn’t be easier.

Not sure remote filming is right for your project?

Check out the other video solutions we offer:

Full Production
Graphic-led videos

Footage filmed by the client, with Feedback Films’ guidance, and edited by our post-production team. We also provide UGC training sessions upon request.

Comms area where EGC is best used:

  • Training 
  • Employer branding 
  • Change comms 
  • Transformation programmes
  • Business updates
Videos produced by Feedback Films from start to finish. Our team (director, producer, sound technician…) comes in to capture your content, which is then edited by our post-production team.

Comms area where it is best used:

  • Global internal video
  • Change comms
  • Transformation programmes

Fully animated motion-graphics video with voiceover.

Comms area where animation is best used:

  • Global internal video
  • Change comms
  • Transformation programmes
Prominently consisting of business assets and/or stock footage with graphic overlays, sometimes including voiceover and UGC footage.

Comms area where graphic-led videos are best used:

  • Perfect to share data, milestones, events, goals…
  • Creative ways of combining different types of media
  • Individual style adapted to each brief
  • Great when you have information to share but no time to film